'Original live oaks'
Original Live Oaks

A mix of research and serendipity

Extensive research and good fortune led us to a prized Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard rooted in some of Napa's most coveted soil. We nurtured the vineyard with organic practices focused on vine balance, and produced our first wine - a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - in a converted barn with an old hand-cranked press.

Young Inglewood was originally part of Rancho Carne Humana, a Mexican government land grant that stretched from what is now Rutherford north to Calistoga.

The vineyard was first planted in the late 1870s, and, except during Prohibition, it has been almost continuously under vine ever since. Today, Young Inglewood is a tapestry of gently sloping organic vineyards, verdant gardens, and stately 150-year old heritage oaks, the perfect setting for our French country style winery.

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Off the beaten path, but easily accessible, Young Inglewood is ideal for wine tastings. We'd be delighted to welcome you here.