'Rows of Young Vines'
Gently Sloping Terrain at Young Inglewood

The St Helena AVA was formed from the collective values and vision of the small but dedicated community of grape and winegrowers who live here. St Helena AVA numbers over 30 wineries and is widely recognized for its unique, high quality wines. Covering just over 9,000 acres, St Helena AVA is located where the Napa Valley floor reaches its narrowest point, between the Mayacamas and Vaca mountains.

The climate and soils are quite different from those of the surrounding regions. Cool Pacific Ocean breezes reach St Helena earlier, cooling vines and delivering graceful, intense fruit with concentration and depth. The climate is warm, due to greater protection from the western hills. This narrowest part of the Napa Valley provides heat reflection off the hillsides, which protects the vines from frost in the winter.

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Mid-summer temperature peak in the 85 -90F range (30 to 35C)

150 to 500 ft. (46 to 152 m)

38 to 40 inches (95 to 101 cm) annually

Young Inglewood Soils:
deep gravelly loam; excellent drainage; moderate fertility