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'Young Inglewood Aligoté'

As I write this note about our 2019 Aligoté, the Aligoté outside our window are budding up a storm getting ready for the 2020 harvest, which, judging by the vines' exuberant progress, will take place in July already. Nature carries on regardless! Meanwhile, we can enjoy last year's bounty in our 2019 Aligoté, a beautiful light and lively wine with an exciting vibrancy enhanced by the scent of ocean breezes and fresh cut flowers. Citrus and green pear notes contribute to a refreshing wie perfect for Spring. With only a third of an acre of vines, we always make a painfully small quantity of Aligoté, but in 2019 we reserved half of what we made for a special project (stay tuned) so this release is even tinier than usual. We hope you'll treat yourself! - Jacky